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Qatar Bima International LLC is extremely confident that we can provide a full range of services currently unavailable for both sectors, TAKAFUL and CONVENTIONAL in Qatar.

We use our in-depth knowledge of risk management of technical insurance aspects and insurance markets to find and arrange the most suitable insurance contracts for our clients. Our clients are commercial businesses, corporate organisations, government bodies and Insurance companies.

Qatar Bima International is an independent Insurance Broker, Reinsurance Broker, Risk Manager and Claim Loss Assessor and can offer insurance contracts from a whole spectrum of insurers, thereby ensuring our clients obtain the best available terms, conditions, security and service.

We aim to provide

  • A highly professional service in all its disciplines.
  • Structured insurance programmes to fit the requirements of our clients.
  • Direct access to international markets and Lloyd's of London.
  • Customised rates and premiums.
  • Utilisation of first class security.
  • Attention to policy details and scope of cover.
  • Ongoing customer service.
  • A claims handling service, until final settlement.
  • Call upon international claims assistance to resolve claims which may occur abroad.